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The future is shaped by the way we teach and learn in the present. We’re in the middle of one of the great revolutions in the history of education. New technologies are not only intensifying classroom learning, but creating a world in which any Internet-enabled device can become a classroom on demand.

We are a venture capital firm focused exclusively on funding entrepreneurs with a vision for better and smarter learning. Join us.

Our Companies

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  • altsch_sq


    Micro-schools transforming the Pre-K through 8th grade experience through personalized learning and dedicated smart technology.

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  • Edmodo


    A social network for students, teachers and educators.

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  • generalassembly

    General Assembly

    A next-generation campus with coworking, startup incubation, and live-streaming classes, making business school obsolete for those interested in the internet sector.

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  • Coursera Logo


    Coursera’s comprehensive education platform combines mastery-based learning principles with video lectures, interactive content and a global community of peers, offering students a unique online learning experience.

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  • minerva


    A reinvented university experience, Minerva provides an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to the brightest, most motivated students in the world.

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  • Bridge_International_Academics

    Bridge International Academies

    Bridge International is building the most scalable, ultra-low cost private school network in the world.

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  • BrightBytes


    BrightBytes delivers tools and services that measure the impact of technology use on learning.

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  • creatvlive_sq

    creative live

    A social learning platform that brings live, streaming classes in cable-quality/HD video to creative entrepreneurs.

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  • udemy_sq


    Udemy is a global marketplace for online education that is constantly growing and evolving. The company offers students the ability to learn as they go, on their own terms, while instructors can share their knowledge with the world.

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  • andelasq


    Andela is a global talent accelerator that produces world-class remote developers and connects them with your team.

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  • expermt_sq


    Experiment is an online community and a crowdfunding platform for scientific research, providing services to researchers from over 150 institutions and universities around the world.

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  • Storybird


    A rapidly growing literacy platform that lets anyone create beautiful, art-inspired stories in seconds.

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  • HireArt


    A next generation hiring solution focused on skills demonstration, using technology to target an omnipresent problem for companies and individuals alike

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  • Chromatik


    First cross-device music performance, collaboration, and instruction platform.

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  • desmos


    Transforming the graphing calculator into a rich mathematics exploration and journaling tool that is natively social.

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  • makersrow

    Maker’s Row

    Increasing clarity and awareness around the factory production process.

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  • uvers_sq


    Industry leading mobile and data solutions company currently partnered with over 140 colleges & universities to improve enrollment and retention.

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  • MobLab


    Pioneer of mobile-social educational games for social science classrooms, encompassing subjects with the highest course enrollments in higher education

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  • No_Red_Ink

    No Red Ink

    A teacher-created writing app that helps students practice their grammar through customized and adaptive online quizzes.

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  • Verbling


    Peer-to-peer language tutoring via video. Login and practice with native-language peers from around the world within minutes.

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  • StudySync

    Study Sync

    A first-ever literacy learning experience combining high-quality curricula with social interactions and innovative Hollywood-style production.

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  • LearnZillion

    Learn Zillion

    A highly flexible, ultra low cost production model for generating Common Core digital curricula that rapidly iterates and improves through use.

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  • Brilliant


    Brilliant Scholars is a series of academic challenges that surfaces the most gifted young people in the world.

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  • brainly_sq


    Brainly enables students to learn from each other, share knowledge, and network.

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  • mangahigh

    Manga High

    High quality and engaging math games with integrated student analytics.

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  • Brownie_Points

    Brownie Points

    Brownie Points is a math practice and learning platform that rewards children for improving their math skills.

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  • diy_sq


    An online community empowering the next generation of scouting, inspiring kids to engage in hands on learning and participate in the maker movement.

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  • novoed


    Collaborative, experimental courses from top universities fostering core competencies.

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  • ClassDojo

    Class Dojo

    Realtime behavior management tools that help teachers decrease the time they spend dealing with negative behavior so they can focus on teaching.

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  • Singularity_University

    Singularity University

    Singularity University educates and accelerates the work of scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and other leaders.

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  • bloomboard


    Cloud-based teacher evaluation, data capture and insights platform powering a new generation of professional development.

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  • popexpert


    Individual mentoring over video, encouraging individual attention for students across disciplines.

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  • enki_labs3


    Enki is building simple but engaging products to help professionals learn and get better at what they do – every day.

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  • kalibrr


    Kalibrr is an online platform that helps users apply to and train for BPO jobs across the world.

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  • codehs


    A beginner-friendly, common core aligned computer science curriculum making it easier for schools to teach computer science.

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  • edsurge_sq


    Connecting the community of edtech entrepreneurs, educators and investors, edSurge reports on latest news and trends in the edtech industry.

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  • showme


    An ipad app making it easier for teachers to create and share visual tutorials.

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  • Mastery_Connect


    A platform to connect Common Core assessments of student progress with classroom practice.

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  • Bloc


    Bloc is the first code learning platform that allows you to learn by building and deploying real web apps in the cloud.

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  • make_school

    Make School

    The college replacement for founders and developers, Make School offers a 2-year, debt-free education in computer technology.

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  • eSpark


    Enables classroom teachers to discover iPad apps for personalized learning and individualized skill delivery

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  • SchoolTube


    The leading video hosting and distribution platform for student-generated video content in schools, already in use at more than 40% of US schools.

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  • rockit_sq

    Rockit Online

    Students master the English language online at a lower cost to successfully prepare for globalized job markets.

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  • prosky

    Pro Sky

    Taking a full stack approach to job training and recruiting, Companies evaluate candidates in real-world work scenarios and hire them for internships or jobs.

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  • schoola


    A fundraising platform allowing parents and schools to raise money from local businesses.

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  • coursehorse_sq


    CourseHorse centralizes learning opportunities for people who want to enrich their lives and never stop discovering.

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  • studyedge


    App based undergraduate tutoring, review sessions, and study guides from qualified peers.

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  • mystsci_sq

    Mystery Science

    Mystery Science provides open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science.


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  • educlipper


    A content sharing and curation service designed specifically for K12 students and teachers.

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  • educents_sq


    With the goal of alleviating educational inequity, educents helps teachers, homeschoolers and parents gain access to affordable educational materials.

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  • yoi_sq


    Yoi is reinventing the notion of HR systems directly for busy managers by delivering best practices, assessments and reports to your inbox.

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  • Junyo


    Junyo is an adaptive learning analytics platform that makes it easy to measure student learning, analyze data and act on the results.

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What we're thinking about

The Question of Why Now

Edtech has been experiencing a boom unlike anything the sector has ever witnessed. If you look at the number of edtech startups that are discussed each year in startup digests like Tech Crunch, you’ll find the mentions have exploded. In tracking we do here, the numbers have ballooned from approximately 20 articles in 2008 to over 300 articles in 2012. Here’s our rough and ready TC-EDU index (and we’d welcome it if folks wanted to send us their own indices):


About Us


  • Robert Hutter

    Robert J. Hutter

    Managing Partner

    Robert J. Hutter is Managing Partner of Learn Capital. He was co-founder of Edusoft (acquired by Houghton-Mifflin), one of the most widely used assessment management platforms in US public education. Rob is a patent holder in games-based adaptive learning and is the founder of a tax credits partnership administered by the U.S. Treasury focusing on high performance schools.

    In addition to his background in education, Rob was co-founder of Gazillion, a developer of massively multiplayer online videogames featuring Marvel Entertainment franchises, and was co-founder of SmartDrive, a developer of life saving solutions for fleet vehicle operators that was recently named to the Wall Street Journal Top 50 Venture-Backed Startup List. Earlier in his career, Rob worked at Fundamental Capital and was instrumental in the founding stages of Silicon Spice which sold to Broadcom for $1.2 billion. He is a graduate of Harvard University.

  • Greg Mauro

    Greg Mauro

    Managing Partner

    Greg Mauro is a Managing Partner of Learn Capital. Greg was a member of the inaugural foundation board at High Tech High schools in San Diego and is a co-founder of RCV, a facilities financing fund for high achieving schools. As an entrepreneur and investor, Greg has been on the founding team of five ventures that have received over $500M in venture capital. He was founder and CEO of Nextivity, a breakthrough indoor coverage provider with customers including Vodafone and T-Mobile. Nextivity was the 2009 CONNECT Most Innovative Product Award winner and is a Fierce Wireless Top 15 company. He was also founder and President of SmartDrive, a provider of onboard vehicle risk management and a Wall Street Journal Top 50 Startup. Prior to SmartDrive, Greg was founding Vice President of Business Development at Entropic, where he authored the original business plan and led strategic investment efforts. Now public, Entropic (ENTR) includes Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast, and DIRECTV as investors and Entropic technology powers the in-home video networking for each.

  • Tom Vander Ark

    Tom Vander Ark


    Tom Vander Ark is a Partner at Learn Capital. Previously, he served as President of the X PRIZE Foundation and Executive Director of Education for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Tom served as a public school superintendent for one of Washington State’s larger school districts that has been recognized for narrowing achievement gaps and reducing administrative costs. Tom also has extensive experience in the private sector serving as a senior executive for retail start up PACE Membership Warehouse that achieved $5 billion in revenue and was sold to K-Mart.

    Tom is director of the International Association of K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and advises a number of education reform groups. He’s the author of Getting Smart: How Digital Learning is Changing the World and blogs at

  • Michael Staton

    Michael Staton


    Michael Staton is a Partner at Learn Capital, where he has helped lead investments into Coursera, Minerva, and Brilliant. He is the founder and former CEO of Uversity, the pioneer of Social Enrollment Management technology in Higher Education. For Uversity, Michael secured the first venture investment from the Gates Foundation’s US Programs into a private company. Because of his years as a public school teacher and his intuitive understanding of K12 education, Michael served as a Venture Partner and Community Advisor to NewSchools Venture Fund’s Seed Fund, now Reach Capital. Outside of investing, he has had early roles, befriended and advised many EdTech companies, including Dev Bootcamp and Goalbook. Michael was declared a top one hundred innovator by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and he is on the advisory board of SxSW EDU and the Higher Education Working Group of the American Enterprise Institute

  • Jennifer_website

    Jennifer Lee


    Jennifer Lee is a Principal at Learn Capital. Prior to Learn Capital, Jennifer worked with for-profit, impact investment funds in both domestic and emerging markets.  She was an independent consultant for ImpactAssets, where she helped establish a platform for their donor-advised funds to invest in seed stage enterprises. Other work experience includes serving as Vice President and Relationship Manager for the Asia and Middle East (AME) region at Developing World Markets, an asset manager and investment bank dedicated to investing in inclusive financial institutions in emerging markets.  At DWM, she led investments into 17 countries, was responsible for leading the AME team, helped conceive and executed the firm’s investment strategy for the AME region, conducted due diligence, and managed post-investment relationships.  Jennifer started her career at Lehman Brothers, as the strategist for the U.S. Treasury, Treasury Futures, and Swaps markets.  Jennifer earned dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Management Science at MIT, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Luis profile photo

    Luis Pinto

    Global Operations Partner

    Luis Pinto is the Global Operations Partner. Previously, he led the internationalization effort at Intel’s biggest worldwide Partner for K12 Classmate PC solutions (JP-IK’s Magellan). In 5 years the initiative reached more than 70 governments, generated business in 30 active countries, created a new channel partner network with 200+ members, impacted 10M+ students, and managed $300M+ yearly revenues. Luis was instrumental in driving sales and managing government relationships in the regional contexts of Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

    Luis holds a MsC from Cranfield and was Founder of a sustainable development management consulting firm, Sustinova. He also worked for 9 years at Microsoft where he was Director of OEM Sales and Member of Board for Microsoft Portugal. Luis is fluent in four languages and has travelled to more than 60 Countries.

  • Irinia

    Irina Zavina

    Investor Relations

    Irina Zavina joined Learn Capital to lead the firm’s Investor Relations efforts, building on two decades of working with institutional investors, wealth managers and family offices across asset classes and industries, including: fund due diligence at Credit Suisse Asset Management division, Global Development and Strategy at Gansevoort Hotel Group, Investor Relations at Starwood Capital Group, and Investment Banking Analyst with Merrill Lynch Global Telecom and Media.

    Irina graduated Phi Beta Kappa with BA in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Chicago and holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School. In her spare time Irina volunteers with Junior Achievement and serves on the advisory board of several international development-focused NGOs.


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