Welcoming Maia Sharpley

April 16, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that Maia Sharpley has joined the Learn Capital team as a partner.  Maia brings a rare combination of experiences to our firm.  She’s held leadership positions at the largest K12 school system in America, she serves on the board of trustees for one of the nation’s top colleges, and she’s had in the trenches background launching professional learning businesses in Asia.  She’s also been deeply involved with edtech. She’s served as the chief innovation officer at a multi-state charter management organization, and she’s helped to launch one of the best known edtech startup accelerators on the East Coast.  In these roles and beyond, she’s been a mentor to many early stage edtech companies.

Luckily, we’ve had the privilege of knowing Maia for years.  Maia has worked with educational services focusing on learners at all ages and stages.  She has helped catalyze highly significant growth initiatives and has also led product development teams working on complex curriculum and test preparation solutions.  In these roles, Maia has earned standout recognition for her effectiveness.  She is also a gifted communicator, as anyone who knows her would heartily agree.  And, in a testament to personal learning journeys well navigated, she also happens to speak more languages than our founding partners combined.

As Learn Capital scales to serve companies at multiple stages of emergence, Maia’s insights will prove valuable to our existing and future portfolio leaders.  We are fortunate to have her guidance.  If you know Maia already, please reach out and welcome her to this new and exciting role.  In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be introducing her to our partners and companies throughout the Learn Capital funds.